Deep Tissue

Deep tissue is a hard and firm massage. Recommended for people who sit or stand all day and or have highly stressful days. 


Massage the focuses on the hands and feet. This massage is perfect for people with arthritis. 

Free extras!

Aromatherapy- Whether you want to feel relaxed, energized, clear minded, stop head aches, migraines, or boost your immune system is all up to you! 

Face mask- A hypoallergenic sheet mask will be applied to the face. leaving your face looking relaxed, refreshed, and renewed! 

Swedish Massage

A light to medium pressure massage. Perfect for first timers and people who would just like to relax. 


A mix of Swedish and Deep tissue for expecting mothers. This will help relieve back pain, reduce feet swelling, and generate a better oxygen follow for you and your baby. 

Body Wraps

Want to lose weight fast? Book a body wrap! Amber massage and body seaweed mud detoxifies, tightens, and slims the area you desire. (Please book this at lest 2 hours before your desired time.)